Monday, October 22, 2007

Today is my Marvelous Mamma's Birthday!

Today is my mom's birthday! She is - as I have told her the best mom. Or at least the best mom for me. Some of the reasons that she is the best mom because she is very patient, and loving. I don't know how she is so patient with all of us. I can't even put into words all the things that she is and has done for me. I just hope that if I have children they love me as much as I love her and that I can do for them what she has done for me!



This is a case that I made to put my flash drives in. When I carried them around, I always felt like I was going to damage them. So I made this case that has a 8 compartments for flash drives. I don't have that many, but I can put other things in there as well. I also have a compartment for my digital camera (it isn't in the picture - well because I had to take the picture with the camera.) There is a snap to keep the camera in place and a snap to close the case. The red flap is so that the drives don't fall out when it is closed. It isn't perfect, but it works for me. The polka dots are cute - and I have a lot of that fabric so why not?

I am still working on things for my etsy shop. Everything there can be bought as is or customized. So, if you like a bracelet, but want it in another color - just let me know!

One thing that I love to do is - ORGANIZE. So, I thought I would share something with you that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

This is my wall just above my desk. Everything with labels and neat. You should all be able to sleep well tonight.

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Country Morning Crafts said...

Your blog looks great so far! I wish I was half as organized as you are! LOL. It just gets in the way of my creativity.