Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pictures of Me Pictures

One thing that I like to do is photography. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take pictures in a couple of years because I need a darkroom. I am working on that- but it can be kind of expensive. Although, I just decided to (poorly) frame a few of the pictures that I did take. I haven't hung them yet.

Here is a picture of my sad, sad darkroom. My cousin was nice enough to give me all of the equipment, but I still have to buy the solution and the paper to develop the film on and everything. I hope that it will be in working order very soon.

I made a key chain the other day. I think it is kinda cute. You can wear it as a bracelet also, so if you can't carry your keys you can just slip it on your wrist. I made one for my sister also. Hers is a little different. The key hangs closer to the stone and doesn't have a pearl.

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